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PS4 Multifunctional Cooling Stand

  • Studio: China
  • Category : PS Accessories
  • Price : 650 L.E
  • Stock : Only 1 Left in Stock


Product characteristics :

1. The console dock of this product is compatible with the old PS4 console, PS4 Slim console and PS4 Pro console.

2. Built-in two high speed fans to speed up the PS4 console internal air circulation to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.

3. There are 12 disk slots on the left side of the product, which is convenient for users to place 12 games they like to play.

4. This product is powered by two USB ports on the PS4 console without additional power supply.

5. This product can charge two PS4 original controller at the same time, display white "Charging... when charging, meanwhile

controller design is red, and when it is fully charged or charged with no cibtriller, it only shows green controller pattern.

6. Non-slip EVA sticker is used on both sides of the product ti prevent PS4 console from scratching and skidding.

7. This product has three 2.0 USB ports and has data transmission function.