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Charging Dock For XBOX ONE XBOX S|X Controller


1.Intelligent Micro Control Circuit Technology Is Used To Manage The Output;
2. It Can Charge A Handle And Special TYX-0608 (1200mAh) Battery For 3.5H ~ 4.5H;
3. Red Light And Green Light Two Kinds Of Charging State Indicator, Easy To Understand;
4. It Is Equipped With A Tyx-0607 Battery Pack, A Tyx-0608 Battery Pack, An Xbox One S / X Battery Back Cover, And An Xbox Series X Battery Back Cover;
5. Low Standby Power Consumption, Energy Saving And Environmental Protection;
6.There Is A Temperature Probe In The Battery, Which Has Over Temperature Protection. When The Surface Temperature Of The Battery Exceeds 55 ± 5 ℃, The Battery Will Stop Charging Automatically. At The Same Time, The Indicator Light Will Flash Red Light To Give An Alarm, Which Can Effectively Prevent High Temperature Damage In The Process Of Battery Charging And Make It Safer To Use;
7. The Charging Input Of The Seat Has Short-Circuit Protection Function, Over-Current Protection And Over-Voltage Protection Function. The Distribution Battery Also Has Over Temperature Protection Function In The Charging Process;
8.It Is Suitable For Xbox One S, Xbox One X Handle And Xbox Series X Handle;
9. This Product Is Also Equipped With A USB Charging Cable, Which Can Be Connected To The Standard DC 5.0V USB Output Power Supply Or The USB Interface Of The Adapter, And Connected To The Micro Interface Of The Charger For Charging.